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Change Attitudes

Special Olympics is humanity’s greatest classroom, where lessons of ability, acceptance and inclusion are illuminated on fields of play by our greatest teachers – the athletes.

Opening Windows of Understanding

When people see the seriousness and sense of purpose evident in each Special Olympics athletic event, a window of understanding opens. In hundreds of competitions around the world each year, people get the chance to have their eyes opened and their perspectives widened.

Special Olympics provides year-round sports training programs and athletic competition in a variety of sports for adults and children with intellectual disabilities. Those activities give them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and share gifts, skills and friendship.

Misconceptions Frame Attitudes

Most attitudes toward people with intellectual disabilities are framed by negative stereotypes and misconceptions. Yet when people see Special Olympics athletes in competition, they find their attitudes changing – not just about what those with intellectual disabilities can do, but also about what they themselves can do to help build a better world.

Familiarity Changes Minds

Special Olympics sports programs change attitudes and teach sensitivity and understanding of intellectual disabilities. This, in turn, leads to greater opportunities for communities to include people with intellectual disabilities and support them as they seek to enrich their lives.

Proof of the power of the Special Olympics movement can be seen all over the world, from BC to areas in Slovakia and throughout Eastern Europe, where Special Olympics is creating tangible change for people with intellectual disability in schools and on playing fields.

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