Special Olympics British Columbia British Columbia

Team BC 2016 Results: Speed Skating

Name Local Event Division Place Time
Brad Laforce Coquitlam 222M M2 4th 00:41.952
    333M M5 4th 01:05.371
    500M M6 2nd 01:36.224
    777M M7 2nd 02:37.351
Chris Hamilton Abbotsford 500M M4 4th 01:39.653
    777M M6 4th 02:26.487
    1000M M5 1st 03:14.437
Eric Bruneau Coquitlam 333M M4 4th 01:03.441
    500M M8 1st 01:41.607
    777M M6 3rd 02:22.773
    1000M M4 3rd 03:13.090
Karl Anderson Coquitlam 333M M4 1st 00:57.450
    500M M5 3rd 01:28.348
    777M M5 3rd 02:14.649
Mark Hamblett Victoria 222M M1 3rd 00:33.206
    333M M3 1st 00:51.958
    500M M5 2nd 01:25.120
    777M M4 3rd 02:08.325
Matthew Williams Langley 500M M1 3rd 00:55.764
    777M M1 2nd 01:28.621
    1000M M1 2nd 01:56.758
    1500M M2 1st 03:39.117
Nicky Chow Richmond 333M DQ    
    500M M3 1st 01:01.878
    777M M2 3rd 01:33.832
Paige Norton Abbotsford 333M F2 4th 00:49.654
    500M F2 1st 01:11.249
    777M F2 1st 01:52.152
    1000M F2 1st 02:30.043
Rene Girard Coquitlam 333M M2 1st 00:44.864
    500M M2 3rd 01:10.495
    777M M2 2nd 01:33.161
    1000M M1 4th 02:02.699
Sarah Maxwell Victoria 222M F1 3rd 00:40.371
    333M F3 2nd 01:02.943
    500M F3 1st 01:30.006
    777M F3 3rd 02:38.858
Sean Casey Coquitlam 222M M2 2nd 00:45.062
    333M M6 1st 01:07.165
    500M M8 3rd 01:53.541
    777M M8 1st 02:34.351

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2016 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games
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