Special Olympics British Columbia British Columbia

Team BC 2016 Results: Snowshoeing

Name Local Event Division Place Time
Chase Caron Prince George 100M M2 5th 00:18.50
    200M M2 4th 00:36.30
    400M M2 4th 1 min, 22.5 sec
Cherie Swaan Quesnel 100M F5 4th 00:30.60
    200M F5 2nd 01:03.00
Danny Dodgson Quesnel 100M M1 3rd 00:15.50
    200M M1 2nd 00:33.20
Deborah Broadley Vancouver 100M F2 5th 00:22.30
    200M F2 5th 00:49.70
    400M F3 3rd 1 min, 59.6 sec
Hazen Meade Campbell River 400M M1 6th 1 min, 24.5 sec
    800M M1 6th 03:08.10
    1600M M1 5th 06:20.50
Katie Little Burnaby 400M F2 6th 2 min, 6.5 sec
    800M F1 2nd 04:27.30
    1600M F1 2nd 10 min, 7.1 sec
Krista Meikle Victoria 100M F5 3rd 00:29.70
    200M F5 4th 01:06.10
Lindsey Aarstad Coquitlam 100M F4 DQ-TEC  
    200M F4 5th 00:56.10
    400M F3 6th 2 min, 17.2 sec
Patrick Campbell Victoria 100M M8 1st 00:36.80
    200M M7 5th 01:15.80
    400M M6 3rd 2 min, 42 sec
Steven Seminuk Coquitlam 100M M6 5th 00:27.90
    200M M6 3rd 00:55.40
    400M M5 2nd 1 min, 58 sec
Tegan Raines Prince George 100M F3 4th 00:24.00
    200M F3 5th 00:53.60
    400M M3 5th 2 min, 14.7 sec
Terri Carelius Victoria 100M F6 3rd 00:34.20
    200M F7 5th 01:35.90
    400M F5 2nd  
Tony Wilkinson Kelowna 100M M2 1st 00:16.90
    200M M2 2nd 00:34.90
    400M M2 2nd 1 min, 18 sec
William Thatcher Trail 100M M3 5th 00:18.90
    200M M3 3rd 00:38.00
    400M M3 2nd 1 min, 22.6 sec

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2016 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games
Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador
March 1 to 5