Special Olympics British Columbia British Columbia

Team BC 2016 Results: Cross-Country Skiing

Name Local Event Div Place Time
Barb Conway Prince George 1KM Classic F3 5th 08:22.00
    2.5KM Classic F3 1st  
    5KM Classic F2 4th 44 min, 5.50 sec
Brian Whitfield Prince George 2.5KM Classic M6 1st  
    5KM Classic M4 3rd 42 min, 1.60 sec
    7.5KM Classic M3 3rd 01:08:13.3
Chantal Chan Vancouver 500M Classic F2 2nd 03:56.50
    1KM Classic F3 3rd 08:02
    2.5KM Classic F2 4th  
Cory Melnychuk Quesnel 100M Classic M1 3rd 00:30.50
    500M Classic M3 6th 04:33.70
Danny Lafreniere Prince George 2.5KM Classic M3 3rd  
    5KM Classic M2 3rd 27 min, 28.50 sec
    7.5KM Classic M2 1st 45:41.60
Dennis Lynch Nanaimo 500M Classic M3 1st 03:45.60
    1KM Classic M4 2nd 07:35.30
    2.5KM Classic M5 2nd  
Francis Stanley Kelowna 1KM Classic M1 1st 04:09.40
    2.5KM Classic M1 1st  
    10KM Freestyle M1 1st  
Josh Pudney Prince George 1KM Classic M2 1st 05:22.70
    2.5KM Classic M3 2nd  
    5KM Classic M2 5th 28 min, 28.90 sec
Justin Sigal Vernon 2.5KM Classic M3 1st  
    5KM Classic M3 2nd 30 min, 16.40 sec
Katarina Gerhardt Kelowna 500M Classic F3 7th 05:09.00
    1KM Classic F4 2nd 09:24.60
    2.5KM Classic F3 3rd  
Kelly Hein Prince George 1KM Classic M5 5th 11:29.20
    2.5KM Classic M6 6th  
    5KM Classic M4 4th 57 min, 44.80 sec
Kirk Gawryluk Kelowna 1KM Classic M2 5th 06:09.70
    2.5KM Classic M4 2nd  
    5KM Classic M3 4th 31 min, 0.00 sec
Neil Melesko Kelowna 2.5KM Classic M2 2nd  
    5KM Classic M1 3rd 23 min, 30.90 sec
    7.5KM Classic M1 4th 41:51.00
Rita Cavenaile Prince George 1KM Classic F4 4th 10:16.10
    2.5KM Classic F4 2nd  
    5KM Classic F2 5th 45 min, 28.40 sec
Sean Beddows Surrey 2.5KM Classic M2 3rd  
    5KM Classic M2 2nd 25 min, 44.40 sec
    7.5KM Classic M1 2nd 39:11.70
Shelly Poland Golden 500M Classic F3 6th 04:59.90
    1KM Classic F5 1st 09:55.90
Tracey Melesko Kelowna 1KM Classic F1 2nd 05:15.50
    2.5KM Classic F1 2nd  
    5KM Classic F1 1st 21 min, 27.70 secs

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