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Meet a Sponsor: Sobeys Inc. Better Food Fund

4 January 2018

We are so grateful to our vital sponsors and partners, whose support helps Special Olympics BC empower athletes to enrich their lives, gain confidence, and develop friendships. Here we look at how support from Special Olympics Canada partner Sobeys Inc. Better Food Fund is helping Special Olympics athletes improve their health and achieve their goals.

Inspiring year showcased in 2017 SOBC newsletter

27 December 2017

2017 will go into the history books as an inspiring and impactful year for Special Olympics BC. Nearly 1,200 athletes with intellectual disabilities inspired everyone watching as they competed in the largest Special Olympics BC Games to date. Our year-round programs and fundraising support continued to grow and strengthen, changing more lives through the power and joy of sport, and changing the way the world sees people with intellectual disabilities.

The Special Olympics Canada Athlete Leadership Council members at their inaugural meeting.

Canadian Athlete Leadership Council launched

14 December 2017

After several years of planning and preparations, the new Canadian Athlete Leadership Council has been launched with terrific participation from athlete leaders from across the country, including Special Olympics BC – Comox Valley athlete Jake Hooper.

Jacques Thibault (centre) with SOBC athletes Paige Norton and Matthew Williams.

2017, the perfect holiday season to stay in shape

13 December 2017

By Jacques Thibault, Special Olympics BC Sport Consultant

Jacques Thibault, an internationally recognized training and speed skating expert with a Master’s degree in science, works with Special Olympics BC athletes and coaches to help empower them to be their very best.

UBC medical student study identifies challenges to care of individuals with IDs

13 December 2017

People with intellectual disabilities experience worse health care and access to services than others in their communities. Millions of people with intellectual disabilities lack access to quality health care and experience dramatically higher rates of preventable disease, chronic pain and suffering, and premature death in every country around the world, including ours.

Don’t let cold temperatures freeze your fitness progress

12 December 2017

When exercising in winter conditions, it is important to stay safe and avoid injury. When running or walking outside, choose fresh snow over ice or packed snow. You will get better traction on fresh snow and reduce your chance of slipping. You can also try shortening your running stride and keeping your feet lower to the ground. You will run more efficiently and reduce your risk of slipping, falling, or straining muscles.

Meet Athlete Kaylee Richter

12 December 2017

Special Olympics BC – Smithers athlete Kaylee Richter may be only 14 years old, but she already knows what it takes to be a successful swimmer.

Kaylee prides herself on having a strong work ethic and being good at following her coaches’ instructions. Kaylee says when she is learning a new skill, she takes her time to make sure she gets it right.

“I love being an athlete and I have always wanted to be one! I want to see how far I can get with swimming!” she says.

Meet Coach Keith McKeeman

12 December 2017

Special Olympics BC – Dawson Creek’s Keith McKeeman says coaching SOBC athletes is a very fulfilling experience, and he loves to see them having fun at practices and competitions.

Meet Volunteer Debra Pool

12 December 2017

Special Olympics BC – Vernon’s Debra Pool is a dedicated volunteer who says she is inspired by the excitement and passion SOBC athletes have for their sports.

Pool currently serves as SOBC – Vernon’s Secretary and interim Local Coordinator. She says watching Special Olympics athletes compete is a joyful experience, and she loves how the organization provides them with opportunities to develop sport skills and healthy lifestyle habits.

Rhythmic gymnast Katherine Burns at the Team BC 2018 Training Squad camp.