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SOBC – Burnaby volunteer Liz Little (right) with SOBC – Burnaby athletes Katie Little (middle) and Jeff Hayes (left).

Meet Volunteer Liz Little

25 January 2018

A dedicated and supportive volunteer, Special Olympics BC – Burnaby’s Liz Little loves how SOBC helps athletes develop sports skills, healthy habits, self-confidence, and a sense of community.

Meet Volunteer Debra Pool

12 December 2017

Special Olympics BC – Vernon’s Debra Pool is a dedicated volunteer who says she is inspired by the excitement and passion SOBC athletes have for their sports.

Pool currently serves as SOBC – Vernon’s Secretary and interim Local Coordinator. She says watching Special Olympics athletes compete is a joyful experience, and she loves how the organization provides them with opportunities to develop sport skills and healthy lifestyle habits.

Meet Volunteer Genevieve Baker

22 November 2017

Special Olympics BC – Mackenzie Local Coordinator Genevieve Baker is a hardworking volunteer who has played an important role in the growth of her Local.

Meet Volunteer Helene Johnston

25 October 2017

Special Olympics BC – Sunshine Coast Treasurer Helene Johnston started volunteering with SOBC after watching one of her niece’s rhythmic gymnastics performances. Seeing her niece’s joy as she completed her routine showed Johnston the importance of SOBC’s empowering programs and inspired her to get involved in her community.

Meet Volunteer Leslie Bowling

21 August 2017

Special Olympics BC – Abbotsford’s Leslie Bowling says getting involved with SOBC is the most rewarding decision she has ever made.

An enthusiastic and dedicated volunteer, Bowling serves as SOBC – Abbotsford’s Volunteer Coordinator and is the Head Coach of her Local’s 5-pin bowling and bocce programs. She says spending time with Special Olympics athletes is a joyful experience that can make her feel good even when she is having a bad day.

Meet Volunteer Renee Pottle

23 June 2017

Whether at a floor hockey game or a Local Committee meeting, Special Olympics BC – Prince Rupert Treasurer Renee Pottle’s favourite thing about SOBC is seeing the enthusiasm of the athletes and their supporters.

Meet Volunteer Jonathan Loong

24 May 2017

Special Olympics BC – Richmond’s Jonathan Loong is an enthusiastic volunteer who loves being part of his Local’s fun and welcoming community.

As SOBC – Richmond’s Volunteer Coordinator, Loong works hard to connect people who are interested in getting involved with his Local with positions where they can make a difference. One of his favourite things about his role is collaborating with his Local’s phenomenal coaches, who he says inspire him with their dedication.

Andrea Boyes (second from right) and SOBC - Victoria athletes and volunteers at the Athlete Leadership workshop April 2017.

Meet Volunteer Andrea Boyes

25 April 2017

Special Olympics BC – Victoria volunteer Andrea Boyes says she is constantly inspired by SOBC athletes’ amazing levels of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

As her Local’s Public Relations Coordinator, Boyes says she feels privileged to have the opportunity to tell SOBC athletes’ stories. She says Special Olympics volunteers receive so much more than they give, and helping athletes reach their potential is an incredible experience.

Meet Volunteer Dorothy Franson

22 March 2017

Hardworking Special Olympics BC – Chilliwack Program Coordinator Dorothy Franson is inspired by the amazing athletes in her Local, who she says always try their best and do a great job of supporting each other.

Meet Volunteer Kerrin Smith

25 February 2017

Special Olympics BC – Delta’s Kerrin Smith says volunteering with SOBC is a great fit for her because it gives her opportunities to be involved in sports while giving back to her community.

Along with serving as SOBC – Delta’s Volunteer Coordinator, Smith coaches athletics and is a program facilitator for her Local’s Active Start and FUNdamentals programs. Smith says helping athletes reach their goals and learn new skills is a very rewarding experience.