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Shake up your fitness routine by making it a game

22 November 2017

It can be hard to stick to a training routine, so it’s important to find new ways to make fitness fun! Why not try taking some of your favourite games and giving them a fitness spin?

You can play an active game of UNO by assigning an exercise to each card colour. For example, yellow cards are jumping jacks, blue cards are pushups, red cards are burpees, and green cards are squats. To play a card, you must take the number on the card and do the exercise that corresponds to the card’s colour that number of times. So, to play the red card with three on it, you must do three burpees. If you want to play an action card, such as a wild card, reverse card, or skip card, you would have to do a 30-second plank.

You can also play a game like this with a regular deck of cards or your favourite board game. It is a great way to engage family and friends while staying active!

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