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Big thanks to SOBC coaches in National Coaches Week!

25 September 2017

National Coaches Week September 23 to 30 was a great time to recognize and thank Special Olympics BC coaches for the integral role they play in our movement, and the incredible positive impact they have on the lives of so many! 

"I've been in Special Olympics since I was eight years old, and I've met some great people and some great coaches. We need coaches. They help you, they help you reach goals, they help you advance," SOBC – Prince George athlete Leif says.

In Coaches Week we hosted a contest for coaches involving the mental training tools in our Coach Diary created with Dr. Laura Farres.

Contest question based on Dr. Laura’s video on Communication & Behaviours:

It’s a new coaching year, so maybe it’s time to take inventory of one’s own effective coaching habits. After watching this video, which one of the four components of the “Mastery Approach to Coaching” did you realize you need to work on and/or change, and how are you going to implement this change into your next practice?

First 10 meaningful responses were entered into a draw for one of our SOBC coaching journals. Thanks to all the coaches who sent responses to SOBC’s Leslie Thornley!

Thanks and congrats to winner John Readman of SOBC – Kitimat: 

"I believe that the skill that I need to work on is #3: Positive corrective instruction. I know that when I tell an athlete what they've done incorrectly it can be very disheartening to them and give them a sense of failure. So by pairing each negative comment with a positive comment, I can reduce the negative feelings for them and help them to realize that not everything was done wrong. During my next practice I can take the time to think of at least one positive thing that each athlete has done before I suggest what needs improvement."

The Coach Diary is one of many resources available for coaches on the SOBC website, which is regularly updated with tools to help coaches be at their best. 

Enjoy inspiring Coaches Week reading about award-winning Special Olympics BC coaches who change lives and empower athletes:

And check out our coach profile series to meet other amazing SOBC coaches from all over the province.


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