Special Olympics British Columbia British Columbia

Meet Athlete Hannah Pope

21 August 2017

Special Olympics BC – Squamish athlete Hannah Pope loves meeting new people and staying fit with SOBC.

“I like everything about Special Olympics!” she says.

Pope takes part in swimming and athletics with SOBC – Squamish, and says both are her favorite sports. She has been swimming with SOBC for almost six years and took up athletics this year after the program started up in Squamish. She says participating in a new sport has been a great opportunity to make new friends, and she loves running outside where she can enjoy her hometown’s beautiful scenery.

“I like the people and the surroundings!” she says.

Pope says it’s fun to be part of a team and she has made a lot of friends through Special Olympics. She says her teammates all show great sportsmanship and cheer each other on.

“It makes the other people feel good for their race,” she says.

Pope says she knows people care about her in Special Olympics and that makes her happy.

“It makes me feel warm inside,” she says.

Pope says she appreciates how SOBC – Squamish athletes treat their coaches with respect and listen to their instructions. She says she has learned a lot from the supportive, knowledgeable coaches in her Local.

“The coaches are very, very nice – they get what the athletes feel,” she says.

Hannah’s mother Caroline Pope says Special Olympics has helped Hannah become more independent, and she appreciates how Hannah has learned about water safety and developed swimming skills. Hannah says being a Special Olympics athlete has helped her learn how to better cooperate with others.

Looking to the future, Pope says she would love to travel for Special Olympics competitions, feeling that would help her develop her skills and would be a great opportunity to meet new people.

Special Olympics is a great opportunity for children and adults to be involved in sports in both competitive and non competitive environments. My neighbour going up joined the Nanaimo team and won several swimming medals at a competition in NWT. The interesting part was he was very shy about his accomplishments. He had never won anything, we had to teach my neighbor how to be proud and win graciously. I love Special Olympics sports.

Lisa Thu, 2017-08-31 15:23

This is terrific, Hannah, so happy that YOU are happy in such a great group of people.

Always keep your eye on the future, and may your dreams be realized.

Take care, from the old folks in Cochrane,AB

ShirleyP Thu, 2017-08-31 10:13

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