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Meet Athlete Zack Robinson

25 April 2017

Special Olympics BC – Kitimat’s Zack Robinson is an enthusiastic athlete who loves to play sports with his friends. He says his greatest achievement with SOBC is having fun and “it doesn’t matter when you win or lose.”

Robinson’s favourite sport is soccer because he likes to kick the ball, run down the field, and play defence. Robinson and two other players from SOBC – Kitimat competed on the SOBC – Terrace team at last year’s Soccer Regional Qualifier in Quesnel. Robinson said playing on a new team gave him opportunities to meet new people, and it felt good to make new friends.

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Zack’s father Glen Robinson said the athletes and coaches on the SOBC – Terrace team did a great job of welcoming and including the SOBC – Kitimat athletes.

“At the beginning everyone was a little shy, but after a few games everyone warmed up and was joking around,” Glen Robinson said.

Through their strong play at the Regional Qualifier, the SOBC – Terrace squad qualified for July’s 2017 SOBC Summer Games in Kamloops. Robinson says he is excited to compete with his teammates at Provincial Games.

Robinson also takes part in curling and swimming with SOBC – Kitimat,and he loves the social component of Special Olympics. Glen Robinson says SOBC has helped Zack build confidence and become more independent. This has made him more relaxed in social situations, which has helped him overcome his shyness and communicate with others more effectively.

One of Robinson’s favourite things about being an SOBC athlete is how it provides him with opportunities to be active. 

“I like to get exercise!” Robinson says.

Glen Robinson says competing with Special Olympics gives Zack something to work for, which encourages him to make healthy choices in all aspects of his life.

Robinson is a high school student, and last summer he had a job helping out at preschool summer camps. He enjoyed the experience and had a great time working with kids. Glen Robinson says the social skills Zack has developed through SOBC helped him at the job.

Glen Robinson knows how capable Zack is and he wants other people to see it too. Glen says Special Olympics is important because the organization opens people’s eyes and shows them what individuals with intellectual disabilities can do. He hopes more people, including potential employers, come out to SOBC events and see what impressive levels of abilities and sportsmanship athletes bring to competition.

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