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Meet Volunteer Carolyn Kurtz

19 January 2017

Special Olympics BC – Invermere’s Carolyn Kurtz is an enthusiastic volunteer who loves how SOBC provides athletes with opportunities that are great for their health and well-being.

Kurtz was inspired to get involved with Special Olympics after meeting an SOBC – Invermere athlete who is a “dynamic, fun-loving woman who loves to be active.” Kurtz currently serves as her Local’s Public Relations Coordinator and also volunteers with the alpine skiing program. She says her most memorable moments with SOBC come from watching alpine skiing athletes develop their technical skills and love for the sport.

Kurtz says SOBC – Invermere is a small Local with a great group of volunteers who are wholeheartedly committed to helping their athletes succeed!

When did you start with Special Olympics, and how did you get involved?

I started with SOBC in November 2013, initially as a guest at the meetings, then I moved into the Public Relations Coordinator position, and later began volunteering with the alpine skiing program. I got involved after meeting one of our athletes who is a dynamic, fun-loving woman who loves to be active. I was already considering adding a volunteer component to my life, but was waiting to find one that was the right fit for me. I saw a notice in our local gym saying SOBC – Invermere was looking for people to get involved and gave them a call. I attended a few meetings and really felt that the Local Committee was a hardworking group that was there to enhance the lives of the athletes.

What has been your most memorable Special Olympics experience?

As an alpine skiing volunteer, I have enjoyed working with two of our athletes during the past few winters in our skiing program. I have seen great improvements in their race technique, and more importantly – their enjoyment of the sport. I recently had knee surgery and I am missing skiing with the athletes this winter.

What is your favourite thing about being involved with SOBC?

What I enjoy most about my involvement with SOBC is that the athletes are participating in sports and activities that they would not have access to, and I believe the sports and the social connections are truly helping their health and well-being.

What would you like others to know about SOBC – Invermere?

SOBC – Invermere may be a very small chapter; however, we are made up of a group of dedicated Local Committee members, coaches, and volunteers. Everyone is committed to the athletes and what Special Olympics can offer them.

Carolyn Kurtz (left) with other members of SOBC – Invermere.

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