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Announcing the Team BC 2016 Training Squad!

11 April 2015

We are very pleased to announce the athletes, coaches, and mission staff who have qualified for the Team BC 2016 Training Squad!

These dedicated and deserving individuals have been named to the Team BC 2016 Training Squad based on their performances in the 2015 Special Olympics BC Winter Games in Kamloops. They will train hard over the next year to be ready to give their all in seven sports in the 2016 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Name Sport Local
Cory Duhaime Alpine Skiing Delta
Erin Thom Alpine Skiing Kimberley/Cranbrook
Jesse Price Alpine Skiing North Shore
Jonathan Robins Alpine Skiing Kimberley/Cranbrook
Kelsey Wyse Alpine Skiing Kelowna
Michael Langridge Alpine Skiing Victoria
Neil Rye Alpine Skiing Kimberley/Cranbrook
Roxana Podrasky Alpine Skiing Kimberley/Cranbrook
Susan Wang Alpine Skiing Surrey
Torben Schuffert  Alpine Skiing Smithers
Randy Scott - Head Coach Alpine Skiing North Shore
Mark Schnurr Alpine Skiing Coquitlam
Molly Evanshen Alpine Skiing North Shore
Steve Norton Alpine Skiing Kimberley/Cranbrook
Tom Advocaat Alpine Skiing Coquitlam
Barb Conway Cross-Country Skiing Prince George
Brian Whitfield Cross-Country Skiing Prince George
Chantal Chan Cross-Country Skiing Vancouver
Cory Melnychuk Cross-Country Skiing Quesnel
Danny Lafreniere Cross-Country Skiing Prince George
Dennis Lynch Cross-Country Skiing Nanaimo
Francis Stanley Cross-Country Skiing Kelowna
Josh Pudney Cross-Country Skiing Prince George
Justin Sigal Cross-Country Skiing Vernon
Katarina Gerhardt Cross-Country Skiing Kelowna
Kelly Hein Cross-Country Skiing Prince George
Kirk Gawryluk Cross-Country Skiing Kelowna
Neil Melesko Cross-Country Skiing Kelowna
Rita Cavenaile Cross-Country Skiing Prince George
Sean Beddows Cross-Country Skiing Surrey
Shelly Poland Cross-Country Skiing Golden
Tracey Melesko Cross-Country Skiing Kelowna
Garth Vickers - Head Coach Cross-Country Skiing Kelowna
Annabel Stanley Cross-Country Skiing Kelowna
Calvin Dyck Cross-Country Skiing Prince George
Joanne March Cross-Country Skiing Kelowna
Karen Zawortny Cross-Country Skiing Vancouver
Ray Huson Cross-Country Skiing Penticton
Dale Wright Curling Surrey
Danny Pace Curling Victoria
David Baxter Curling Surrey
Jay Laitar Curling Surrey
Steven Dew Curling Surrey
Dwayne Wright - Coach Curling Surrey
Sheila Snell - Coach Curling Surrey
Dale Eckert Curling Powell River
Lance Barker Curling Powell River
Michele Lacroix Curling Powell River
Richard Lang Curling Powell River
Thomas White Curling Powell River
Bill Scobbie - Coach Curling Port Alberni
Susan Storry - Coach Curling Powell River
Alfred Schotel Curling Quesnel
Dean Cake Curling Quesnel
Glenda Melnychuk Curling Quesnel
Martin Scriver Curling Quesnel
Travis Burt Curling Quesnel
Richard Lindstrom - Coach Curling Quesnel
Rick Prosk - Coach Curling Quesnel
Ken Davidson Curling Comox Valley
Cody Booth Curling Port Alberni
Michael Booth Curling Port Alberni
Shelley Marinus Curling Comox Valley
Sherri Lines Curling Comox Valley
Art Peck - Coach Curling Nanaimo
Cheryl Clay - Coach Curling Campbell River
Alex Pang Figure Skating Vancouver
Alexandra Magee Figure Skating Surrey
Arianna Phillips Figure Skating Nanaimo
Darlene Jakubowski Figure Skating Fort St. John
Laura Dale Figure Skating Terrace
Marc Theriault Figure Skating Surrey
Michael Phillips Figure Skating Nanaimo
Stephanie Divin Figure Skating Surrey
Tamika Broere-Shaw Figure Skating Vancouver
Elizabeth Roman - Head Coach Figure Skating Surrey
Janice Chan Figure Skating Richmond
Jessica Chapelski Figure Skating Vancouver
Kailee Bowman Figure Skating Victoria
Andrew Swindlehurst Floor Hockey Powell River
Bill Polz Floor Hockey Nanaimo
Bobby Bolen Floor Hockey Comox Valley
Brad Hogan Floor Hockey Comox Valley
Chris Harrington Floor Hockey Kelowna
Colin Wells Floor Hockey Comox Valley
Jake Hooper Floor Hockey Comox Valley
Jason Mills Floor Hockey Nanaimo
Joe Grubweiser Floor Hockey Comox Valley
Keven Breland Floor Hockey Comox Valley
Matthew Cadwell Floor Hockey Comox Valley
Max Porcher Floor Hockey Comox Valley
Richard Gillis Floor Hockey Kelowna
Robert Lang Floor Hockey Powell River
Tanya Norman Floor Hockey Powell River
Terry Daniels Floor Hockey Comox Valley
Ed Houlihan - Coach Floor Hockey Comox Valley
Larry Cagna - Coach Floor Hockey Comox Valley
Randy James - Coach Floor Hockey Comox Valley
Alison Rodrigues Floor Hockey Vancouver
Dallas Stager Floor Hockey Vancouver
Edward Ng Floor Hockey Vancouver
Gordon Balderstone Floor Hockey Vancouver
Greg Jung Floor Hockey Vancouver
John Chen Floor Hockey Vancouver
Ken McLean Floor Hockey Vancouver
Mathew Schmiing Floor Hockey Vancouver
Matthew McRae Floor Hockey Vancouver
Nellie-Jo Kurta Floor Hockey Vancouver
Nick Chan Floor Hockey Vancouver
Ottavio Campese Floor Hockey Vancouver
Raymond Mabayo Floor Hockey Vancouver
Richard Louis Floor Hockey Vancouver
Ryan Stewart Floor Hockey Richmond
Sandra Malku Floor Hockey Richmond
Craig Hikida - Coach Floor Hockey Vancouver
Elise Bulla - Coach Floor Hockey Vancouver
Vanessa Ho - Coach Floor Hockey Vancouver
Brogan Beliveau Floor Hockey Grand Forks
Charlie Kain Floor Hockey Grand Forks
David Wong Floor Hockey Burnaby
Dominic Inacio Floor Hockey Burnaby
Doug Birdsall Floor Hockey Burnaby
Jacob Raschpichler Floor Hockey Grand Forks
Jake Miller Floor Hockey Trail
James Warman Floor Hockey Creston
Joey Conrad Floor Hockey Burnaby
Kathy Schmidt Floor Hockey Creston
Maclean Brown Floor Hockey Creston
Matthew Milburn Floor Hockey Burnaby
Mike Windsor Floor Hockey Grand Forks
Steven Stirling Floor Hockey Creston
Cathy Chlopecki - Coach Floor Hockey Creston
Derek Taylor - Coach Floor Hockey Grand Forks
Richard Chlopecki - Coach Floor Hockey Creston
Chase Caron Snowshoeing Prince George
Cherie Swaan Snowshoeing Quesnel
Danny Dodgson Snowshoeing Quesnel
Deborah Broadley Snowshoeing Vancouver
Hazen Meade Snowshoeing Campbell River
Katie Little Snowshoeing Burnaby
Krista Meikle Snowshoeing Victoria
Lindsay Aarstad Snowshoeing Coquitlam
Patrick Campbell Snowshoeing Victoria
Steven Seminuk Snowshoeing Coquitlam
Tegan Raines Snowshoeing Prince George
Terri Carelius Snowshoeing Victoria
Tony Wilkinson Snowshoeing Kelowna
William Thatcher Snowshoeing Trail
Maureen Hunter - Head Coach Snowshoeing Campbell River
David Wilkinson Snowshoeing Kelowna
Kim McArthur Snowshoeing Victoria
Ron Aarstad Snowshoeing Coquitlam
Tina Giesbrecht Snowshoeing Burns Lake
Wilma Van Hage Snowshoeing Prince George
Brad Laforce Speed Skating Coquitlam
Chris Hamilton Speed Skating Abbotsford
Eric Bruneau Speed Skating Coquitlam
Karl Anderson Speed Skating Coquitlam
Mark Hamblett Speed Skating Victoria
Matthew Williams Speed Skating Langley
Nicky Chow Speed Skating Richmond
Paige Norton Speed Skating Abbotsford
Rene Girard Speed Skating Coquitlam
Sarah Maxwell Speed Skating Victoria
Sean Casey Speed Skating Coquitlam
Donna Bilous - Head Coach Speed Skating Abbotsford
Don Bruneau Speed Skating Coquitlam
Logan Litz Speed Skating Coquitlam
Rosella Infanti Speed Skating Coquitlam
Mission Staff    
Leslie Thornley Chef de Mission SOBC staff
Shawn Fevens Team Manager SOBC staff
Darren Inouye Mission Staff Region 5 Coordinator
Emma Woo Mission Staff SOBC staff
George Maclagan Mission Staff Campbell River
Georgina McIntosh Mission Staff Elk Valley
Jean Tetarenko Mission Staff Region 6 Coordinator
Jill Harris Mission Staff SOBC staff
Morgan Hunter Mission Staff SOBC staff
Tom Norton Mission Staff Abbotsford

This team will travel coast to coast to represent their province in Corner Brook on March 1 to 5 next year. This will be the first Special Olympics Canada Games to be hosted in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Stay tuned for more information and stories from the Team BC 2016 Training Squad on the road to Newfoundland!

Learn more about the 2016 National Games

I wish all athlètes,coaches and team administrative membres the best in corner brook, nfld.

Ken McLean-Vancouver floorhockey

Ken McLean Fri, 2015-09-18 16:20

I did not qualify for Winter National Winter Games 2016 but have been to 1 winter and 3 summer and will try again next cycle to qualify but that is ok because others get a chance and I can cheer on my girlfriend, Terri in snowshoeing as she prepares for her 2nd nationals in Newfoundland. When you succeed, having not been to everything makes the medal accomplishments and personal accomplishments all the more special. For me its more about meeting new people and seeing a new place I may have or have not been to in my lifetime. Good luck to all Team BC members! Remember it's nice to win but showing sportsmanship and being good ambassadors for Special O BC is more important! Bonne Chance(Good Luck)!

Jeff Martin Fri, 2015-09-11 17:39

Hello Team BC!

I'm excited to see new names mingled with familiar names, in both athletes and coaches. I hope all the athletes come home with personal bests, and all the coaches and support staff learn valuable coaching tips.

Go team!!


Crystal Laboucane
Special Olympics BC - Fort St. John

Crystal Laboucane Sat, 2015-06-06 10:32

I am glad to be part of Team BC hope that i will do my best and so on god bless all of us at Nationals at Corner Brook Newfoundland peace out everyone.

Bill Polz Thu, 2015-04-30 20:35

Go bc go

Ryan stewart Sun, 2015-04-12 18:04

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