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Strong, striking new video shares SOBC athlete story

21 June 2013

“I feel strong. I feel like I am part of a team. I am a Special Olympics athlete. I feel like myself."

Meet Special Olympics BC – Campbell River athlete Bryan Jorgensen, star of SOBC’s brand-new feature video.

We are very proud to launch this video sharing the story of one of our fantastic athletes in a moving and beautifully visual way. Check it out:

The video, created by writer/director/director of photography Naim Sutherland, captures the story of Bryan, who grew up in a small town and found his way to Special Olympics for the first time in Campbell River.

After returning home from his first practice, he experienced a revelation. Beaming to his mother, he said, I didn’t know there were other people like me.”

From that moment forward, Special Olympics gave Bryan a place to belong. He made many new friends and learned to become part of a team that plays hard and gives each other encouragement. Bryan’s teammates accept and celebrate him, allowing him to be a confident athlete who is eager to try new sports. He found a love for swimming as well as for soccer, and is now preparing to go to the 2013 Special Olympics BC Summer Games in Langley with his soccer team.

Bryan’s whole family is involved in Special Olympics, and all are part of the big Region 6 team coming to the Provincial Games. Bryan’s mom Ann co-stars in the video – watch for her proud cheering face alongside the other SOBC volunteers who took part in supporting roles.

We’re also grateful to super SOBC swimmers Colin, Katie, Tassy, Sammy, and Karen who did a terrific job in the pool!

We were very pleased to work with Naim and his wonderful team to share Bryan’s story. Naim brought an impressive vision to the project, wanting to create a visually striking piece that would be “part documentary and part high-end sports commercial.”

“I was immediately drawn to Bryan's story of growing up in a small town where he didn't know there were other people like him.  It seemed to me that Special Olympics must have provided him with a very strong sense of community, and that is a powerful story,” Naim said. “I hope his story illustrates what Special Olympics means to the athletes and their families, and I hope by capturing that story we can inspire people to support Special Olympics. “

Naim said he really enjoyed working with Bryan, Ann, and the other SOBC athletes and volunteers who took part in the shoot.

“I wanted to show the athletes in their element, competing hard and having fun in a really slick and energetic way,” he said.

“Bryan and his mom Ann were a pleasure to work with.  Bryan was sure to set me straight on details that I didn't have right at the beginning of the process.  I hope he feels like we captured him accurately.  I think his strong spirit and his outgoing personality are very much present in each frame of our piece.  

“The other Special Olympics volunteers were an absolute treat to work with as well.  The shoot day was a long one, with more swimming than most people are used to in a single day, but everyone had high spirits and gave it their absolute best effort on each and every shot.”

Naim brought together a hardworking, enthusiastic, and generous team of film professionals who were very supportive of the athletes and volunteers involved in the shoot. Many of them volunteered their time to take part, and gave a great deal to create an exceptional piece of work.

“Our crew was made up film and television professionals, all of whom are personal friends.  We have all met each other on shows large and small over the years, and it was great to get together on a project we all believed in.  Everyone had a fantastic day, and was really motivated and moved by the spirit of the cast,” Naim said.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to work on this project, and I hope we can reach a lot of people with this piece.”



SOBC swimmers: Colin, Katie, Tassy, Sammy, and Karen

SOBC volunteers & fans: Ann, Jeremy, Kaelan, Joann, Daniel, and Noreen

Writer, Director, Director of Photography: Naim Sutherland

Producer: Patrick Henry

Editor: Chad Galloway

Sound Design and mix: Brayden McCulskey

1st Assistant Director: Matt Drake

2nd Assistant Director: Adam Sharp

Makeup and hair: Amy Diedrich

Camera Operator: Oliver Millar

Underwater Camera Operator: David Tenniswood

Focus Puller: David Tenniswood

2nd AC: Danny Cougil

Underwater housing tech: Stirling Bancroft

Gaffer: Dima Kolesnyk

Key Grip: Adam Uttley

Best Boy: Wayne Mcauley

Lamp Operators & Grips: Kathryn Metner

Andrew Shirley

Matt Medwin

Digital Image Technician: Stefan Heincke

Chef: Devin Schule

EPK: Jordie Lepage


Lighting and Grip Equipment donated by: Pacific Backlot Services


Filmed at St. George's School, Vancouver

A wonderful message and beautifully produced - congratulations to all!

Barbara DiGuido Fri, 2013-08-30 10:58

I've met Bryan on two occasions: One when he played for us at the 2007 Canada Cup and again at the 2007 leadership conference when he was training for his SCF speech later that year. Back then he had a lot of heart and a lot of spunk and no doubt does he still do now.

Adam Sun, 2013-06-30 16:01

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