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SOBC - Powell River

Special Olympics BC - Powell River began its journey in 1991. The volunteers and coaches are strongly committed to ensuring the athletes get opportunities to attend competitions and events even though it requires a ferry ride each time! The Local currently offers: bocce ball, 5 pin bowling, curling, floor hockey, golf, sport start bowling and softball. If you are interested in joining as an athlete please contact Local Coordinators, Dan Vincent or Jackie Milsom. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Gail Likar at hipmom@telus.net or Nicky Gomez at nicky_gomez@hotmail.com .


Dan Vincent
Co-Local Coordinator
Tel 604-483-3006
Email vindan@telus.net

Jackie Milsom
Co-Local Coordinator
Tel 604-414-8266
Email jack.ian@shaw.ca


Powell River
49° 50' 6.9216" N, 124° 31' 29.136" W