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Volunteer administrative roles are a vital part of Special Olympics.

Without administrative volunteers, our organization could not take root and thrive in local communities. By serving in one of these positions, you are making a difference by sharing your skills, vision and creativity along with your time.

The following are some of the roles in each Local's executive committee:

  • Local Coordinator: Ultimately responsible for all actions of the Local. Represents Local’s point of view at all meetings, communicates with all committee members including the Provincial Office and Regional Coordinator. Schedules, chairs and hosts Local Executive meetings. Sets budget with committee, communicates with athletes, submits accreditation, ensures policies and procedures are adhered to.
  • Program Coordinator: Responsible for all aspects of programs in the Local. Secures facilities needed for competitions, organizes Local/Regional events, chairs regular coaches' meetings, submits progress reports to the Local Executive, evaluates programs, places new athletes and coaches and attends all Local Executive meetings.
  • Treasurer: Responsible for keeping and submitting regular financial records, communicating with all committee members on financial status, developing the annual budget with the Local Executive and attending all Local Executive meetings.
  • Secretary: Communicates with all Local committee members, records and distributes meeting minutes, attends all Local Executive meetings.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Recruits, liaises with and represents volunteers, interviews and screens volunteers, provides registration opportunities for potential volunteers, provides orientation and training sessions for volunteers, maintains records, addresses requests of volunteers, organizes volunteer recognition and attends all Local Executive meetings.
  • Fundraising Coordinator: Coordinates all Local fundraising activities, prepares annual fundraising plan, seeks out organizations to provide financial support, recognizes and maintains relationships with Local sponsors, advises Provincial Office of all Local sponsors, adheres to exclusivity of sponsors, and attends all Local Executive meetings.
  • Public Relations Coordinator: Coordinates all aspects of public relations for the Local – including developing local media contacts, providing appropriate material for media coverage, organizing promotional events, utilizing the style guide – and attends all Local Executive meetings.

Are you a new volunteer who has already registered with your local program?

Please click here to access the Special Olympics Canada Volunteer Orientation Course.

This interactive online orientation course will offer a thorough and interesting introduction to the world of Special Olympics, enhancing your ability to coach and support the SOBC athletes in your community and help them enrich their lives through sport.


  1. Click on create a new account
  2. Fill in the form and submit
  3. Wait for confirmation email, click on link
  4. Then you can enter site and find the volunteer training
  5. Click on British Columbia
  6. Click on Special Olympics BC volunteer orientation
  7. When you get to the first page of orientation, click on Part One Introduction and Overview, and then follow the modules